Who we are?


Dreamland glassing co. set up in 2012 as a custom surfboard glassing and fine finishing fabrication, bought too you from a very small but dedicated crew focused on high quality in a timely fashion.
we are essentially a custom surfboard factory. but this is our way of moving into the stock and retail world whilst keeping our custom element we’ve become know and recognized for our aim is not only too keep producing fine surf craft but also provide the ultimate surfboard shopping experience from any of the brands we help produce boards for, wether it be ‘off the rack’ from what we offer in store, or helping put you in touch with the right shaper too help you dial in a custom order, were here too help facilitate.
dreamland – where dreams come true.

Why choose us

  • Low/High Volume surfboard production
  • Surfboard Shaping
  • tint and pigment lamination specialists
  • custom sprays
  • repairs
  • sub contracted machine cutting service available

for any further enquiries or price list etc, please contact us: info@surfdreamland.com

We make a fine point too only use what we believe are the finest materials, sourced from all across the globe, good boards are made from good materials. we exclusively only use: Silmar polyseter resins, resin research epoxy, a mix of aerialite and hexcel fiberglass, genuine Futures / FCS2 / FU fin boxes. And of course a good board comes from a good core, our shapers use a mix of blanks depending what fits what shape best, ranging mostly from Burford blanks (AUS), USBlanks (USA) with occasionally some X-tra (SA) and Millennium (USA) as well. if you have any specific blank and/or stringer specifications, please let us know before placing your order.

We strive too keep producing only the finest goods possible with our strict quality control enforcements all whilst maintaining our top customer service.