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  • How long will a custom order take?
    -Custom orders tend to take around 4 weeks minimum, but can take a little longer depending on the time of year and also if you want things like eps/epoxy, and/or specific colour tints etc etc.. usually we will try to give you a honest ETA on your board when ordering, And as soon as your surfboard is done, we will call you and let you know.  and while we are happy to hear from you, we promise not to let your custom surfboard collect dust in the racks here at the shop.


  • Which Surfboard Model do you recommend for me?
    We try to give as much relevant information as possible on each of our individual board model pages, however sometimes a bit more info is necessary, feel free too get in contact and we can help with some suggestions.



  • Will my board come with fins?
    No, Our boards don’t come with fins, but we can get you can purchase a set from out online store (here)
  • How long does shipping usually take?
    -shipping for mainland u.k. takes approximately 1-3 working days.
    shipping for Ireland/rest of Europe is approximately 5-8 working days
    shipping for the rest of the world is approximately 7-14 working days, but its best too contact us first for an exact shipping price quote and ETA.

  •  Do you ship boards too my country?
    -We can and do ship boards all over the world but it can be expensive. We strongly recommend you email us so we can provide you a quote before placing your order. Often it is cheaper to send in bulk, so get five mates together order five boards and split the cost.
  • Can i have s-glass cloth on my board?
    -yes,all our stock glass jobs come with a layer of S-glass on the deck,  s-glass is also available too add and use for all layers of glass on the board when custom ordering a board, specify you want s-glass when ordering.

  • Can i order carbon on the tail / what does it do?
    -the carbon on the tail is there too stiffen and reinforce the tail area.
    yes, most our boards come with carbon on the tail, when ordered custom we have various carbon options, which you can view (here)


  • Can i order my board in EPS/Epoxy construction?
    yes you can, we offer eps/epoxy as an option on all custom ordered boards across our brands range, it costs extra and we would suggest that you check with us the availability for the materials before placing your order.
  • I’m going on a trip in 2 weeks and just broke my board i was going too take with, can i put in a rush order?
    -Yes! rush orders aren’t just for our team riders, you can make a rush order too, but at an additional cost which will depend on the timescale, please enquire before ordering.

  • Can i purchase a gift voucher?
    -Yes we offer gift vouchers, their only available direct from us, you can find them (here)

  • Can you sponsor me / how can become a part of the team?
    -If you think your surfing good and maybe have something you can offer us, feel free to send us an e-mail with your C.V./Profile and we will get back too you when we have reviewed your application
  •  How can i apply for a job?
    -If you are a qualified surfboard builder looking to join our team or you simply have a passion for surfboards & feel you have a unique set of skills to offer on how you can help improve or promote our product/brand, feel free too contact us via email and we will get back too you shortly when we have reviewed your application.

  • Does a Custom order cost more?
    NO, same price as our stock/shop boards.. (ludacrus we know)
  • How do you pack and ship your boards?
    -We take to upmost care when packing and sending your new baby. Depending on the region in which your board is destined, we will wrap generiously in bubble wrap, then either cardboard around the rails, nose and tail and/or straight into a box.


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