Welcome to our custom surfboard builder, we are pride ourselves on being a mostly custom based business, the word ‘specialist’ wouldn’t be half wrong thrown in that sentence.. so maybe you see one of the models we offer and would like too change the dimensions around too suit you a little better, or maybe you see a couple different models you like the look of and want too blend something together, or maybe you want too go off menu and a little bit and try something completely different and exclusive to yourself.
whatever the reason, it is always possible and this is why we love custom orders, we love the challenges and creativity involved in building custom surfboards, its something we cherish and pride ourselves on being able too fulfil.

So before we take you over to the custom order page, here’s a little bit of info on how it works and a quick sum up of the info we need from you, and the info we need you too give us too make this dream a reality.


This is where you can custom design your very own board, its simple, just select an option from every category in the side menu, starting with the model and going through the different categories (don’t worry if you get stuck on anything we’re here too help only a phone call or email away) Once you have designed your new board and send through the order, we will contact you shortly after too double check all the details and finalise before getting started.


You’ll notice the first few boxes are just general info (name, email, boards currently riding, local spot etc etc) this is too help us establish a baseline so we can help get you on the right board, this is something very important too us, over 50% of our custom business based between BOS and DECKADENCE is returning customers, stoked customers come back, non stoked customers don’t.


We have an extensive range of models from both BOS surfboards and DECKADENCE surfboards, choose the model that suits you best, if you want too go fully off the menu make sure too select off menu custom.


Generally for the most part we recommend sticking to our stock dimensions, however everyone is different and has a different preference so up too you.


Select your rail choice of sure, if not too fussed/not sure select shapers choice.


Select the tail shape you desire.


To uphold ur high quality standards we only use the finest materials for our production, similar resins, aerialite and hexcel cloths etc.
Team Light (4 + 4s) – the lightest glass option we offer, for ultimate flex and lightweight performance, beware durability is not epic.

Standard (4 + 4/4s) – our standard and most sought after glassing option, the majority of our stock performance range are standard glassing, a nice contrast between light but strong.

medium (6 + 4/4) our slightly more durable option too our standard glassing, recomended for those that are a little ‘tougher’ on their boards and like durability.

Solid (6 + 4/6) – mostly used for solid builds where weight isn’t so much an issue but more of an advantage (guns, retros etc)

Volan – available in 6 or 8oz, gives that classic ‘coke bottle green’ tinge too it, looks amazing with color work, again better suited too boards where weight isn’t so much an issue.


We offer a nice range of different carbon options, select your poison.
Strips – strongest all round protection
Diamond nets – best for flex and strength
Square nets – best for compression (not available with color work)
Carbon stringer – for an added bit of strength and stiffness on the bottom
5 strip – fibreglass with inneggera woven in for the lightest strongest tail protection

– whats your fin system preference
Glass On
Fin Box


select the fin set up you want on your new board.


Do you require fins with your new board, we have a fantastic fin range in store, click here too shop fins.


Pro sand – 240G sand finish
Shop Sand – our stock sand finish, 400G fine sand with a light polish onto for ping
Gloss/polish – full gloss and polish, as shiny as they come.


We specialise in color work, specifically resin tints (pigment mixed in with the resin during lamination, makes for really unique colors deep or light with texture from the glass and best of all they don’t and won’t fade in the sun)
yes – please provide details in additional comments / special instructions box below.
no – no worries, maybe next time


This is where too write down any additional information you may have or any special instructions you may have, things like name you want written on the stringer etc. the beauty of custom, anything is possible.

Too finish the order hit the send button at the bottom of the page your order will be sent too us ready for confirmation, next it will take you too a payment page, once a payment has been made we will contact you just too confirm the details and if all is correct we will proceed with the order asap!
production time is usually about 2-4 weeks, you can contact us direct on trackmyorder@dreamlandglassing.com and we will keep you updated on board progress.