This is a signature model i’ve been working on exclusively with team rider Seb Smart, its no secret Seb likes too skate when the surf sucks, so we wanted too make a skateboard for the surf, something that was super versatile and easy too ride but would let him throw down the biggest of airs and most aggressive of moves when and how he wanted and with ease. what we created, we called the ‘prelude’

Prelude – noun, ‘an action or event serving as an introduction too something more important’

The prelude is the start of something a little different for us, its a new direction of things for sure. Seb tends too favour slightly wider boards, the width helps create some stability for when he’s doing his aerial antics above the lip and it comes too landing, more surface area makes it easier too stick it, so i’ve kept the outline a little wider to help with that this also helps put some curve in board which is where some of the manuverability aspect of things comes from, i;ve combined this with a flatter rocker up front with a slight flick in the nose,  this makes it easy too paddle and get into waves nice and early but still has a bit of curve up there for bowly well shaped sections, its the tail end where things become a bit more interesting, it has a nice kick tail coming off the back, this flick off the ends give it that skatey feel, which seems too suit Sebs smooth and unpredictable style.
the deck is what really separates this board from other boards, it has a full on skate inspired concave deck, this is fairly unique as it displaces the volume from the centre of the board and pushes it out towards the rails, this makes that concave in the deck which lets your feet sit in what we call the ‘trough’ in the middle of the board, like a sports car lower too the road the concave deck feels much faster being closer too the water and feels surprisingly freeing as you can adjust your feet too lever off the concave walls inside. to keep the rails from feeling super bulky as we’re run a nice bevel deck which tapers the rail down too build some sensitivity back into the rail.
Underneath we have a simple single with a slight double between the fins and a very little vee off the tail.
we recommend riding the ‘Prelude’ – 4-6″ shorter than you are tall.


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