RAMBO – new for 2016, a mash up of 2 of our most popular models (F2 x DTF) with a few extra tweaks thrown into the blend.. Imagine an F2 planshape but stubbed out and then combined with a DTF style rocker and foil. this is our summer shortboard of choice.

NEW for 2016! This is a model we’ve been working on for quite some time now, summed up simply: it has that shortboard look and feel but has a shed load of volume hidden within’ making for a wave slaying machine.
-It has the main attributes of the F2 in terms of versatility which lets it hold a line and perform in good surf but also has the added bonus of extra volume for smaller and/or junky surf, the planshape fits in somwhere between a DTF and F2, a bit wider in the nose combined with a slight hip/bump in-front of the fins pulling in the tail and providing a little extra leverage.. rocker wise we have a slightly altered DTF rocker, taking the ‘spherical’ style theme: its still flatter up front for easy entry and paddle power but it has more flip out the back for a lively feel under the back foot and too allow quick directional changes. fin wise we recommend the trusty thruster set up, as the fin cluster is pushed slightly forward and a little tighter for tighter arcs.

RAMBO for aggressive performance in sub par conditions, very suitable for summer.

Performance predator

Stubby Shortboard Outline – fun small wave performance surfing

Single to Double concave – generate and control speed with ease

big sweet spot – easy too find that happy place

mid boxy rail – keeps things slightly more forgiving with a softer bottom edge.

Sizing: We reccomend riding RAMBO somewhere between your DTF and F2 model, for example Sam rides a 6’1 F2 as his shortboard and a 5’9 DTF as his fun board, so he rides a 5’11 Rambo as his utility board.
generally you want too go shorter, wider and a touch thicker, ride around your refgular shortboard volume or just a touch more if possible.